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Outfits Not Just Clothes ...
Dressing Dilemmas
By bernadette Ulsamer

Picture it: you’re up and ready to greet the morning after a good night’s sleep. You have a nutritious breakfast, cup of coffee, and are all set to tackle the exciting day ahead of you. Then you look down and notice a dressing dilemma! You may call it something else, but clothing-related nuisances like wrinkles, static cling etc. can really derail even the best of days. But, don’t lose hope, these tips and tricks will give a leg up when your clothing tries to drag you down!
  Static Cling is by far the most annoying dressing dilemma. It is literally an invisible force that pulls at your clothing. To fight back, you can use a can of Static Guard, or mist some sheer aerosol hair spray on the underside of your garment. You can also rub an unused dryer sheet on the inside of your item to de-static it. The underside is key, fabric rubbing against your skin gives static cling its power.
  Lint and Fuzz abound on black clothing during the winter months in particular. Blame your chunky knit sweaters for some of this. But all is not lost. By keeping a lint brush handy (a travel-sized version fits in most handbags) you can tackle those annoying fuzzes with a quick sweep! I prefer lint rollers, as opposed to brushes, but to each their own.
  While all-black outfits are great for winter, you may want to freshen things up with some white clothes. But unlike darker shades that conceal stains, sweat, and dirt, White Clothing shows everything, including undergarments! So be sure to wear flesh-toned underwear with your white dresses, jeans, and trousers, and keep a stain-removing pen on hand to treat spills before they become a permanent feature on your winter whites.
  Wrinkles are the worst! No matter how stylish or flattering a garment, wrinkles instantly make it appear dowdy and ill fitting. Depending on how furrowed your shirt or dress, there are several solutions. The most effective is to iron your piece of clothing. But, when you’re in a pinch, try spritzing it down with some wrinkle release spray. If you don’t happen to have that type of product on hand, try hanging it up in the bathroom with a hot shower running to steam away the wrinkles. If you want to conserve water, squirt a small amount of H2O on your garment, then blow it dry with a hair dryer. This is a great fix when you’re traveling, as most hotels/motels have hairdryers on hand for guests.
  Busted Buttons always seem to pop off at the absolute worse time, which is why handy dressers keep a travel sewing-kit at their desk, in their car, and purse. I, for one, am all thumbs when it comes to threading a needle. So I’ve gotten pretty deft at quick fixes that involve tape, paperclips, and/or safety pins. It’s not the most elegant solution, but with some trial and error, reimagined office supplies can see you through the day.
  Being In a Style Rut is a less obvious dilemma than wrinkles and stains, but it can be quite a downer when your clothes bore you. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a style uniform, and go-to outfits that fit your lifestyle, but sometimes these looks can get stale. To reboot your tried-and-true ensembles, incorporate statement accessories, like necklaces, scarves, and belts. If you’re feeling really adventurous, slip on some of this season’s squared heels to bring your uniform up to date.
  Speaking of heels, while they can energize a look, they can also do a number on your feet. To avoid Heel Pain and blisters, reach for the tape. Nude medical tape works best, or you can use plain old Scotch tape if need be. Either way, taping your third and fourth toes together relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, and helps prevent blisters. Sounds kind of whacky, but it works. What also works is wearing hose, tights, or socks with your heels to protect your feet.
  Dressing dilemmas can come in any shape and form. With any luck, you’ll never have a major wardrobe malfunction. For minor inconveniences, these solutions will get you back on your feet (pain free) in no time!

Regional Musicians in a Spin Over
Log Boom Records
By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz

Many years floated by since Williamsport had a log boom, that is until the currents recently changed.
Now the former Lumber Capital of the World once again has a Log Boom, however, instead of timber this one deals with tunes.
  The newly formed Log Boom Records, Williamsport's own music label, will assist seasoned musicians through the unknown waters of creating and releasing a professional CD.
  "From finding a high caliber studio, selecting the right mix of music, copyright laws and a lot more details most musicians wouldn't even think of," said Williamsport based musician Sean Farley. "Just as important as creating a quality CD is successfully marketing it and having the CD reach as many individuals as possible. Not just regionally but also the many online outlets that allow somebody from down the street to across the globe access to an entire album or single track."
  Nearly a year in the making, Log Boom Records is the vision come true of local musicians and a core group of business professionals that help the local music scene thrive.
  "For a city the size of Williamsport, its pretty amazing the talent that can be found around the area," Farley said. "From award winning blues musicians to soulful musicians performing everything from classic rock, jazz, country, new age, folk, Americana and soul."
  Is Log Boom Records geared towards the high school junior wanting to record the songs she penned about her new puppy and breaking up with her boyfriend? No.
  As with any record label, prospective customers of Log Boom Records will need to meet certain criteria.
Like any new business, Log Boom Records is starting out slowly and will grow to meet the needs of regional performers.
  "Live & Temperamental," Farley's second solo album is the first official release by Log Boom Records. A detailed web site for Log Boom Records will be up and running soon.
  On Feb. 22 a release party and performance will be held at The Capital Lounge inside The Community Arts Center.
  "Live & Temperamental" was recorded live at Temperamental Recordings Studio in upstate New York last July in front of a studio audience. The album was mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer and musician, Mike Brown.
  "I am so excited about this release. Not only is this my first live recording, its also the first release for Log Boom Records," Farley said.
  The recording is a collection of original tunes performed with Farley's distinctive Americana and blues style that's made him one of the most popular and highly regarded musicians in the Susquehanna Valley and beyond.
  To promote his new CD, Farley will embark on a month long tour throughout California, Arizona and Colorado. This makes his sixth tour through western states.
  For now he's concentrating on the release party and his local gigs. "I hope everyone comes out to The Capital Lounge for a fun night of original music and to learn more about Log Boom Records and support local music."
  For more information on Sean Farley's music and ticket information visit www.seanfarlymusic.com

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