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Not Just Clothes
How to be a Morning Person
by Bernadette Ulsamer

I used to be a morning person, as a kid, up with the sun, ready to take on the day, but what 8-year-old isn’t, right? Now as an adult, being a morning person just feels unnatural. How many times have you heard/felt “I can’t function until my first cup of coffee.” Most days it’s a chore to get out of bed, even on the weekends when I do get an extra hour of sleep. During the winter it’s especially rough and downright illogical to get up early. It’s cold and dark, and it’s a reasonable human response to stay somewhere cozy, warm, and dry. However, the real world and human responses aren’t always in sync, so in anticipation of the colder months ahead, ( I know, I know summer just officially started but I’m in training) I’m going to attempt to become/renew my morning-person status.
Breakfast IS the most Important Meal of the Day
The right kind of morning meal can help you feel refreshed and give you the boost you need to start the day. After my extensive research, aka Googling, it appears that foods rich in B vitamins are ideal to get a jump on your mornings and are easy to find in whole grains, eggs, beans, fruits, veggies and lean proteins like chicken. Avocados are a super food, bursting with the right kind of fat and protein along with vitamin B. So, I’m thinking maybe something like a whole grain piece of toast with avocado, some fruit salad and a hard-boiled egg. Not only does this sound an appetizing breakfast, but will do way more good than that standard cup of Joe! Plus with hard-boiled eggs you can prep them before going to bed. The key to an morning-person breakfast is to err on the side of nutritional rather than hearty. Sure, bacon, eggs, and a waffle makes the mouth water, but thirty minutes after you’re done it feels like nap time, right? The main goal is to covert food to long-lasting energy, instead of feeling overly full or having a caffeine jolt that will taper off come mid-morning.
Coffee Isn’t the Enemy
I’m not suggesting to replace coffee with a vitamin rich breakfast, but instead adding the meal to the coffee. There’s something to that morning brew that does get your engine revving. Part of it, for me is the aroma of a strong cup of coffee. Having an automatic coffee maker set to start 15-20 minutes before your alarm goes off gets that aroma going as you’re waking up. Those Folger commercials hit the nail on the head with the “best part of waking up” tagline. I’m a Maxwell House gal myself, but regardless of brand, getting a whiff of fresh coffee first thing can help me feel less sluggish. If you feel the same, then set your coffee maker the night before and get ready to awaken to the scent of fresh brew to help you get that morning-person oomph.
Watch a funny YouTube Clip.
First thing I do when I get to my desk is open up work email and dive right in. Thirty minutes later I seriously contemplate quitting my day job. Sure when you’re on the clock you need to get work done, but hitting it hard and fast right out of the gate makes the morning feel agonizing. A trick I plan on trying is taking a few minutes before diving in and watching a funny YouTube or Buzzfeed video. They say laughter is the best medicine and I’m thinking it also helps give you an energy boost. After a couple of cat clips and American’s Funniest Home Video style skateboard crashes I can covert those giggles into an energy boost. Plus, studies show that increased levels of oxygen from laughter can help stimulate the brain and the body. With that in mind why wait to get to work? Reach for your phone after hitting the snooze button and get in a few belly laughs to motivate yourself out from beneath the covers.
Get Uber-Techy and Let the light in.
Blackout shades and eye masks are great for falling asleep, but when the morning hits a bit of brightness is key to waking up. As the sun rises and the sky gets lighter your brain and body get stimulated signaling your internal clock that it’s wakeup time. But, even during the spring and summer overcast skies keep the sun from shining in your window. And during the winter, or when life demands a 6am wakeup call the natural dawn of new day may not cut it. Consider setting a bedside lamp to a morning timer, or invest in a light-emitting alarm clock that simulates the sunrise, and can be programed to help you wake up gradually. Or, to really get your inner morning person to come through step outside! Let some of that early morning light soak into your skin. During the colder months take that cup of coffee to the window and just stand in the sun for a bit.
When All Else Fails Chew Gum
Showered and dressed, but still feel like you’re sleepwalking? Chew a piece of gum, it can make you feel more awake and less stressed. Moving your mouth in a repetitive manner boosts your alertness, again Google has confirmed this, and gum chewing can increase your heart rate and blood flow to your brain. Also, the fresh minty taste and smell can have a stimulating effect. This is not only good for the early morning commute, but also works for lengthy IT trainings at work. Just be careful in meetings/around others not to chew too obnoxiously.
Sleep Equals Wakefulness
What being a morning really comes down to is getting enough sleep, and the best possible sleep you can for your body and mind to truly rest and rejuvenate. A good night’s sleep can seem so elusive in this modern day and age, what with binge-worthy Netflix shows, the 24 hour news cycle, trying to respond to everyone and everything calling for your attention. To combat all that “noise” set yourself a bedtime routine, like you had as a kid, when you WERE a morning person. Have a set time to turn off the TV, shutdown the laptop and start winding down. Try to incorporate relaxing elements into your nighttime ritual. If you’re the type of person who responds to smell, light a soothing candle like lavender or vanilla. Play some calming, non-lyrical musical. Jump in a hot shower and let the steam ease some of your tension. I’m a big fan of showering at night and do so before going to bed. I give myself 10-15 minutes to read before shutting off the lights and it does help me relax and fall asleep.
Just remember, every day is a gift and as my 95-year-old Grandfather-in-law says everyday above ground is a good day! So, the right attitude, a healthy breakfast, some sunshine, and a full night’s rest can help the most grumpy of us transform into morning people!

Weekly Wise Words
Find Someone Who Will Choose Both
by Paige Smith

I am not, by any means, a relationship expert. Heck, this isn’t even a relationship column! But yes, we’re going there.
The relationship philosophy is deeply flawed nowadays. We all know the divorce rate is increasing and it seems like relationships just don’t last anymore. It’s not my job to preach to you, but it is my job to speak from the heart in the hopes of it reaching people.
The chosen quote this week is one of my all-time favorites, “I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both.” How stunningly beautiful is that? Unconditional love is one of the most difficult things you can give another person. However, it is also the most incredible gift you can give them. And yourself.
Call me old-fashioned but I believe that, if you truly love someone and make a commitment to him or her, it should mean something. What’s that analogy? ...A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out, you don’t buy a new house – you fix the light bulb! Yeah, I love that one. Huge fan of analogies!
People give up too easily. It’s easier to walk/run away than to stay and deal. It is forgotten that you started for a reason. Most relationships don’t even get past the friendship stage anymore. One (or both) is either too damaged or too afraid to enter into it. Sad. But, that doesn’t mean the unconditional love (in some form) still can’t be there. So many individuals are only willing to take part if they get something in return. Only a select few would be there for the other person knowing nothing will ever come of it. That is freeing. That is selfless. That is real.
I’ve seen so many relationships (“relationships” meaning all associations, not just romantic ones) end over completely absurd, meaningless arguments. Yes, everyone has disagreements. The weak give up and throw in the towel. The strong (and smart) stand and deal. Believe it or not – anything can be worked out. You will get through it. And you’ll come out on the other side stronger, both as individuals and as a pair.
All relationships are fun in the beginning. Both involved are on their best behavior. You see the best version of them and they of you. Eventually, reality sets in. No one is perfect. No one. Everyone has demons and skeletons in their closet. Everyone has lived a story you know nothing about. Always remember that.
Before too long, the not-so-good things start to surface. Maybe it manifests in anger. Anger isn’t pretty. But, also remember, that anger is just an outward expression of three things – hurt, fear and frustration. (Thanks, Dr. Phil!) People are damaged creatures. And if you’re not willing to be there for them, just walk away. Honestly, find the nearest door and leave them alone. Don’t string them along if you’re not willing to put in the work. My best relationships are the ones that I put the most “work” into. The more time and energy you give, the better your relationship with the other person will be. You reap what you sow.
The ones who see the ugly parts of you and don’t flinch, they’re the ones worthy of your time. Ever think about how many people we meet or come across in our lifetime? Probably thousands. The people who belong in our lives are the ones who stay. Who don’t walk away, no matter how hard it gets or how frustrating it becomes. People who truly care in the way that matters will not only be there when you’re at your best, but will stand by you at your worst. Fight for that. That’s the goal.
Pure loyalty is hard to come by these days. It still exists – all you have to do is find it…and keep it.
Happy inspiring!

Happenings in Downtown Williamsport
By Bernie Katz

Wow it is almost the 4th of July. Why does it seem the summer months pass by so much more quickly? Downtown First Friday is July 3rd and it kicks off this great Holiday weekend. Music this First Friday will be provided by the Joel Vincent Jazz Jumble and many of the artists and crafters will be setting up their displays at Noon. This is a little earlier than usual but the artists and crafters wanted to step up the fun this Holiday Weekend. Pine Street won’t be closed until the usual time at 5:00 p.m. for music and food trucks. There will be a brand new Food Truck this First Friday called Brasil on Wheels. She will be serving only authentic Brazilian Foods.
And we will have the annual Fourth of July Fireworks and festivities on Saturday down by the Hampton Inn area. This event starts at 3:00 p.m. with food and music until the rockets hit the sky around 9:30 p.m..
In other news around Downtown, did you know we now have 2 new Hair Salons and both on 4th Street?
Serenity Salon at The Barber Lounge is at 11 West Fourth Street. Their team of professionals strives to create a unique and comfortable environment. Serenity offers the latest in color techniques, cutting methods and nail services. Serenity Salon is an environment for the whole family, bringing out the beauty in you. Walk-ins and appointments are accepted. Just call 570-322-2011.
Our other great Salon is Salon Simon’e at 135 West Fourth Street. They feature French, Italian and Lebanese techniques for Style, Color, Cut and Treatment using organic hair products. Salon Simon’e also offers Up-Dos for weddings and your special occasion for both women and men. Appointments are appreciated, 570-651-9555 and www.facebook.com/salonsimonewilliamsport a truly elegant salon.
Now let’s cross the street and see what’s on the other side today. Please don’t jay walk though.
Artisan Kitchen and Bath Design is at 152 West 4th Street. They will create your ideal kitchen or bathroom, a kitchen that inspires you to cook or entertain in or a bathroom where you can relax and escape. Artisan can take your ideas and turn them into reality or use their ideas to create that ideal space. From design to installation, they do it all. Call them at 570-447-3738 or just stop by and discuss you design needs.
My last stop on West Fourth Street this trip is Converge Gallery at 140 West 4th. A showcase of contemporary artists from local to international, the exhibitions change every month to 2 months so there is always a reason to stop in and see the newest art exhibit. Remember when it comes to Art you sometimes have to experience the art with your presence, a truly exhilarating experience for your eye and mind. Converge is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Now you have 4 more reasons to visit Downtown Williamsport and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Next month I will give you the low down on all the Little League events happening in Downtown so stay tuned.

The Bookworm Sez

By Terri Schlichenmeyer

“The Breaking Point” by Jefferson Bass
c.2015, William Morrow
$26.99 / $33.50 Canada
384 pages

When it comes to your job, you’re a crackerjack.
You have quite the reputation for doing your best, in fact, which is why colleagues come to you for help. Nobody busts a move like you: smooth, efficient and done right. Yep, when it comes to your job, you can’t be beat.
Except when you can. Except when everything points somewhere else and you’re ripped off-track, as in the new novel “The Breaking Point” by Jefferson Bass.
Within the philanthropic world, Richard Janus was known for his speed.
When tragedy occurred anywhere in the world, before most governmental entities could even get organized, Janus was on the scene aboard his private jet filled with water, first aid, and other supplies. Earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, it didn’t matter; Janus’ humanitarian efforts helped save lives.
It was therefore a shock to his supporters and donors when Janus lost his.
The fireball was, by all accounts, huge: that’s what happens when a Citation jet slams into the side of a mountain near San Diego at four hundred miles an hour. There wasn’t much of Richard Janus left to identify, but the FBI needed the best forensic expert they could hire to try. They contacted Dr. Bill Brockton.
As a leader in forensic anthropology and the founder of the U of Tennessee’s Body Farm, Brockton was well-known for his expertise in identifying bodies and determining time of death. The Janus case, however – and Brockton hesitated to call it a “case,” since it seemed to have been an accident – would almost bust his chops.
Judging by a nearly full set of teeth found at the site, Janus had been killed by the crash; a second set of teeth momentarily sidelined the investigation, but were explained by a bizarre coincidence. Janus, during his nighttime flight, had apparently missed a mountain and died for his mistake. But then reports surfaced that Brockton had missed an important dental clue, and the media howled…
Brockton was used to that. Media loved their scandals, after all, but the onslaught in California and new allegations back home were almost unbearable – especially when another, more deadly bombshell entered his life.
Having read quite a number of the Body Farm novels, I have to say that I was surprised by “The Breaking Point.”
Authors Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass (who write together under this collective pseudonym) step back in time here to give fans a bit of history for their hero, Brockton, in a twist that takes a little getting used to but turns out to be rich in story. Not only is that a bonus for anyone who’s familiar with this smart, authentic (Bass was the creator of the real-life Body Farm) investigator, but it also makes this book a great place for new fans to start the series.
Bursting with red herrings and creepy bad guys (and a hint of the next book, perhaps?), this mystery-thriller is a whodunit lover’s dream. Be warned though: start a novel like “The Breaking Point,” and it could crack your schedule.

Modesty Will Return in September
By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz

Memorial Day marked the unofficial, official start of summer in the Susquehanna Valley and that means sun-splashed days, the delicate scent of flowers in bloom and hairy backs. Very hairy. Mainly found on men.
As a friend of mine recently noted, "You see everything in summer and everything you don't want to see." How true.
In some cases it seems modesty is on vacation until the end of autumn, so anything and everything goes.
For those sun-burned souls unsure of wearing white socks with their sandals or flip-flops (I can already hear the shrieks of horror and picture parents trying to protect their offspring from the ghastly sight).
I, with all my worldly knowledge and information gained from reading monthly issues of Kitten Magazine, The Old Farmer's Almanac and and The Fun of Crafting with Felt in addition to many hours viewing silent films and reruns of The Dukes of Hazard, will provided insight and information on the do's and don'ts of a Susquehanna summer.
Here we go.
* If you're over the age of 67, avoid wearing itsy-bitsy shorts with wording on the butt area proclaiming Baby, Princess and the stomach-churning, Juicy. This also applies to men.
* Grown men wearing itsy-bitsy shorts, that finish six inches below their waist, are a most certain fashion disaster and illeagle in 13 states, sections of Alaska, all of London, Siberia and the Left Bank of Paris.
Men over 6'5" are advised not to wear said shorts, that are the same height and width of two wash clothes placed side by side. This is definitely one of those situations on seeing more than you should''.
* Sweat bands...a sweat soaked strip of terry cloth worn around the head. Need I say more?
* Wearing socks with flip-flops, a sweat band and a fanny pack should be reason for incarceration until the end of summer along with 241 hours of community service cleaning the rest rooms at Vogue Magazine.
* Men should also avoid wearing crazy T-shirts that proclaim "Bikini inspector." "Got beer?" "Girls, grillin’ and gin!" and "Beach bum" when the closest body of water you visit is Rose Valley Lake.
* Ladies, if wearing flirty crop-tops, bypass this fashion mishap, however, if your crops are over-grown and flabby.
* If you have more hair on your back than on your head, by all means, bypass wearing muscle shirts or shirts with no sleeves and instead opt for shirts with both collars and long sleeves. Please.
* There's a time and a place for everything, however, a gold lame thong should never be removed from your bedroom or kitchen.
* Unless you want to project the image you were attacked by a pack of deranged kangaroos. Ripped or torn T-shirts look sad, or they can give the impression you live in your 1970 Pinto and wash your clothing with a sharp rock down by the river.
* If your toes have more hair than your head, certainly opt for closed in sandals instead of flip-flops.
* Wearing sunglasses are a must outside both for vision and coolness, however, wearing sunglasses inside gives the appearance of being hung over, strange or a total moron.
And that brings us to the most controversial, offensive and weep-inducing summer crime against mankind, wearing socks with sandals. Oh, the many tears I have wept, salty, stinging tears that burned my cheeks weeping over this offensive act towards mankind.
How do I start since this is so bad, so very bad.
Nobody, from Bradley Cooper to Prince William can make this discombobulated look good, or even just look ok.
Sandals are meant to be worn with no socks, hence the design and openness of the shoe.
Wearing socks with sandals is the equivalent of taking a shower while wearing a raincoat, its like wearing a belt and suspenders.
The entire premise is pointless, unless there's a reason their feet need to be shrouded from the public.
Are their feet so grotesque they need to be concealed, perhaps said feet resemble those of a yak? Or worse?
Whatever the reason, socks and sandals is a bad, bad idea and, unfortunately, just one of the summer mistakes you can look forward to over the next few months.

Flu Shots Have the Prescription for Musical Blues
By Jeffrey Allen Federowicz

Its Flu Shot season...heck, its always time for Flu Shots!
If you come across a bar proclaiming "Flu Shots tonight" forget your insurance card and bring your dancing shoes because the Flu Shots have the cure for your musical blues.
Known as the area's favorite party band, the Flu Shots have the remedy for a boring party or dull Friday night, plus there are no sleepy side effects so you can operate heavy machinery without being drowsy.
"Our shows are fun with great music, a lot of interaction with the audience and high-energy that creates a party atmosphere that puts everyone in a good mood," said band member Kevin Mix.
"We bring a party with us no matter where we perform. Its common to see people singing along to the music or dancing and totally forgetting about their problems for a few hours."
Performing a groove-infused mix of covers spanning the past few decades, such as classic rock, dance, pop and whatever makes for  a jump and shout sound.
In other words, if its a decent song, chances are these guys can master the song or at least give it a darn good try.
Although the songs are strictly covers, the band forgoes the traditional cookie-cutter rendition and adds their own fully charged spin while paying homage to the original song.
The result is music you know and love kicked into high gear for maximum impact. "I love these guys. They're awesome and I love to catch them when they have a gig. I wish they would start having gigs around State College, but it’s worth the drive to see them when I can. Since the guys are always extremely upbeat and that causes me to have a ton of fun. The guys have great voices and all those fantastic elements needed for an awesome show, but what I enjoy the most is they play only covers," said Linda Conner, State College. "Original songs might be alright for a couple of songs, but not for an entire gig or three hour jam. I want to hear songs I know.
It's cool to hear a song from a favorite artist performed from a favorite local band you're sitting in front of. And when it comes to cover songs these guys have it down solid. These guys are like a party in a can just open it up and you're ready to roll."
Party is a word closely associated with the Flu Shots and that's an accurate description for the band featuring bass man and vocalist Tim Tyler, drum master Adam Westover keeps the beat going while Ben Rosato provides lead guitar and vocals leaving former radio announcer Kevin Mix in charge of  lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
A few of the venues where the band makes their musical medicine include the Trout Run Hotel, carnivals, private parties and several American Legions in the area.
The band also has the distinction of being one of the bands that returns year after year to the Set the Night to Music fireworks celebration on July 4 in downtown Williamsport.
"Playing the July 4 concert downtown is always one of the best shows of the year. Everyone is happy, there's a good crowd and they want to celebrate," said Tyler.
"We always have fun no matter where we perform. Its great to see someone come to a show and see they are having fun."
So how did a quartet of friends and musicians decide on the moniker the Flu Shots?
It didn't involve Blue Cross or ObamaCare, the moniker was derived from a notice for actual, stay healthy flu shots near a venue where they were performing. "We had a hard time deciding on a name that was different and would stand out and we found that when we saw a sign at a fire station that was having actual flu shots, said Tyler. "We all agreed Flu Shots was the perfect name and our fans love the name too. We have a lot of fans that will send us photos of signs they see around the area offering flu shots. Its certainly one of those names you never forget."
For more information on the Flu Shots, visit them on Facebook.

CD or Margarine Lid Campfire Craft

The margarine lid version of this craft is slightly easier than the cd rom version, but both turn out to make a cute campfire that kids can display.  Our favorite part of the craft is walking around outside collecting the twigs and pebbles.

• old CD or margarine container lid
• small rocks
• small sticks
• yellow, red and/or orange tissue paper
• glue (white school glue not a glue stick)

• Collect some twigs and pebbles (you can do this during a nature walk).
If using a CD Rom, make sure you ask mom or dad if it is ok.  You don't want to accidentally build your campfire on dad's old tunes!
• Pour a good amount of glue into the margarine container lid (the lip of the lid will keep the glue from running out.
If using a CD Rom, you need to be a bit more careful applying glue to each rock but still use lots.
Arrange the rocks in a circle all around the outside of the lid.
• Scrunch a bit of tissue paper around the end of a pencil and place it in the center of the lid.
Lift the pencil out - this should leave a little "flame" of tissue paper on your lid.
Repeat until the center of the lid is full of flames.
• Put a little glue on each of the twigs and lay them around the tissue paper in a pyramid shape like you would laying out a fire.
• Sing a campfire song around your blazing fire!

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